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Aluminum soffit is used to cover, decorate and add ventilation to your attic. Soffits are designed for ventilation to aid in your heating costs to provide maximum air flow to the attic area. It prevents heat build up and moisture accumulation that can cause costly damage to your roof.

Learn more about attic venting, attic moisture and ice dams from Qualistat.

Fore more information about colors and products visit Gentek Building Products our authorized dealer.


Fascia is the exterior edge of the roof's overhang.  It prevents water and moisture from entering through the soffit. Soffit and fascia combined form a watertight seal around the lower part of the roof and allows proper venting. Fascia will also give the rooflines and trim areas of your home a crisp, clean appearance. We can inspect, repair or install new fascia boards onto your home.  These need to be repaired, or you risk water intrusion in your home, and that’s a much bigger repair bill.

Soffit and Fascia